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FBI - White collar crimes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

FBI - White collar crimes - Essay Example The main role of the FBI is investigation of criminal activities that are assigned to it. This incorporates intelligence and law enforcement initiatives from the agency. Another role of the FBI is collaboration with other law enforcement agencies in investigative measures in which it helps with evidence examinations, and in empowering members of the other agencies through trainings. In facilitating its investigative role and collaborative role with other agencies, the FBI collects intelligence information, analyses the data and shares it with relevant authorities (The Federal Bureau of Investigations 1). As a special agency, however, the role of the FBI under domestic jurisdiction is limited to â€Å"white-collar crimes, kidnapping, extortion, interstate transportation of stolen property, and bank robbery† among others (Gaines and Miller 156). White-collar crimes are crimes that professionals commit in their course of duty with intent of obtaining material benefits of concealing some information with the aim of avoiding a consequence. Elements such as â€Å"deceit, concealment,† breach of trust characterize it (Ferguson 16). White-collar crimes are also free from use of violence or threat of violence and often aim at receipt of money of commodities of avoiding material liabilities (Ferguson 16). The FBI investigates these crimes to ensure evidence towards justice and its special intelligence is essential to the type of crimes that intellectuals commit through well-crafted schemes that sometimes incorporate intelligence and use of technology to cover up the criminal activities. The Enron case is an example of white-collar crimes that the FBI has investigated. The case involved a series of fraudulent misrepresentation by the firm on its financial position and collaboration with the organization’s accounting fi rm for concealment of the misrepresentations and for further misrepresentations. This led to losses among investors as officials of the company

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Students behavior Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Students behavior - Research Paper Example The sources were evaluated by the date they were published so as not to use outdated information irrelevant to our research. The scope of this research involves a combination of both primary and secondary sources to present arguments that can stand up for critic. The frame of the current investigations looks at the various way ways youths have taken over the running of their countries, their contribution to peace, violence and nation building. Majority of this research occurred in the United Kingdom, Nigeria and India for the sole reason of finding out what the unlimited potential the youth can provide in a country and how their lives can be improved. My response to the current conversation is that the vision of our nation lies in the hands of our young people. They are loaded with enormous and towering aspirations. It will be an incredible wastage of human assets if these adolescents are not given a chance to practice their ability. My contribution here is that our governments shoul d ensure that youths are provided with the resources that they need so as to lift the economies of their respective countries as it has already been established that the youths are the backbone and the most hardworking and young people out there. My personal reflections here are that it remains to be discovered a world where the youth in a country are free from poverty, inequality, exploitation, and discrimination based on their gender, race or language. The question that remains on my mind is, will this ever be achieved or are we living in a pipe dream or simply kidding ourselves. The Keywords used are: poverty, inequality, exploitation, discrimination, violence, society Discussion Background The part of the adolescent youths is the most paramount in today's world. They have underplayed themselves in the field of the governmental issues. People are saying the youth are solid constrains in social developments adolescents are issue solvers. Our countries require them to advance the g reater part of our problems. Countries are nowadays confronting a considerable measure of issues, and I accept that the adolescents are fit for fathoming them. They recently need to be given an opportunity to substantiate themselves. Adolescents have the ability to unite people of different ethnicities. Bigotry is also another continuous issue around the globe. People are battling against one another due to the complexity of one’s skin. The key terms that should be of note to the reader are, violence, unemployment, poverty, joblessness, inequality and exploitation. The summaries of the sources that were of much use to me during this research were as follows: The powerful role of youths in nation building is crucial, the have a positive influence on their fellow young people and are extremely good problem solvers. (Saskian1, 2013) Young people are very crucial to the growth of any society. Without well-schooled youths and empowerment of them, no current society can have the re quired harmony to jump track development. (Joel Samuel Feyisola, 2013) Response My reactions to the current conversation is that, without the empowerment of youth, levels of crime could hit rock high as the unemployed youth would turn to rob fellow citizens of the society they live in, unemployed youth can also cause destruction of